About Us


Who Are We

ANTON Engenharia e Urbanismo is an engineering and consulting company specialized in technology solutions for city management, with a focus on urban mobility.

We are aligned with what is most modern in the sector, seeking innovative solutions that put technology at the service of the well-being of the population, applying the concept of smart cities.

Our performance ranges from technical consulting in projects of great complexity, to the management, development and supply of systems, implementation, operation and maintenance.

Sustainability is an integral part of all ANTON projects, applying the social, economic and environmental tripod.

In addition to experience and proven technical competence, we also highlight commitment, dedication, and respect as some of our differentials.


Apply technological solutions to improve the population’s quality of life in an efficient and sustainable way.


To be recognized as a reference in urban solutions in the national and international market.


Our conception of life is based on integrity, dedication, commitment and sustainability, reflecting this essence in our work.


In 2012, we realized the existence of a gap in the market and, consequently, an opportunity for the creation of a company that focused on urban mobility and that saw the breadth of the sector, not only focused on transportation, but on solutions so that citizens can move around, in other words, integrate several fronts, applying engineering projects that use technology as the main tool.

Under this context ANTON Engenharia e Urbanismo emerged, formed by professionals with extensive experience and whom, for more than 20 years, have been working together in this market, which gives the company a differentiated and expanded expertise.

Over the years, the company has participated in numerous projects, which are transforming the cities
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