Learn about the projects in which ANTON Engenharia e Urbanismo has been involved since its creation.

Prefeitura de Santo André - 2023/

in progress

Development of Monitoring System of Urban Mobility of Santo André/SP, in consortium with the companies Polo Planejamento and TIS,.

TAV Brasil - 2023

Declared Preference Survey for the travel experience between the São Paulo - Rio de Janeiro axis, considering the insertion of the High Speed Train as a new mode of transport.

Prefeitura de Santo André - 2022/

in progress

Development of the Plan for Safe and Inclusive Mobility of Santo André/SP, in consortium with the companies Polo Planejamento, TIS, Concremat and Certare.

GeoArbor - Tree Monitoring System - 2022

Development of a system to control the conservation and maintenance of green areas through a Joint Venture between ANTON and the companies Florestana and Imevo Tecnologia.

Consórcio Intermunicipal Grande ABC – 2021/2022

Development of Regional Signaling Plan and visual identity of  protected water source areas of the municipalities of Grande ABC Region.

TÜV Rheinland Ductor  Ltda. – 2021

Audit of the Electric Power Supply System of Phase 1A of Line 2 of the Lima Metro (Peru).

Prefeitura de São Bernardo do Campo – 2020/2021

Development of studies, basic and executive projects of the operational control center for control and monitoring of flood-fighting facilities operated by the municipality of São Bernardo do Campo/SP.

Terracom – 2020

As-built project of electrical systems and public lighting after completion of the duplication works of the Adib Chammas viaduct in Santo André/SP.

The World Bank – 2019/2020 

Technical consulting for evaluation, diagnosis and recommendations for the Operations Monitoring and Management System (SMGO), as part of support for the project of the Operational Control Center (OCC) of SPTrans.

Prefeitura de São Bernardo do Campo – 2019/2020 

Consultancy for the elaboration of a manual for the presentation of urban projects and technical support in order to improve the municipality's ability to carry out activities of a normative, planning, management, control and interest to its institutional purposes.

Systra Brasil – 2019

Conceptual design of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) for the revitalization project of the ABD Corridor, operated by Metra, in BRT (Bus Rapid Transit).

Consórcio Intermunicipal Grande ABC – 2018/in progress

Participation in the delegation of the Technical Cooperation Program of the European Union between Grande ABC and Torino region for exchange of experiences and implementation of the MaaS (Mobility as a Service) concept in the ABC region.

Consórcio Intermunicipal Grande ABC – 2017/2020

Executive project of the Regional Mobility Control Center in Grande ABC, including central control system, and Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) projects for corridors of regional interest and for the digital integration of traffic control and transportation equipment of municipalities that are part of the Consórcio Intermunicipal Grande ABC.

Systra Brasil – 2017/2021

Development of the basic and executive project of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and Semaphoric for Metropolitan BRT Perimetral Alto Tietê.

Consórcio Sice-Hitech – 2016/2018

Executive project of the Road Monitoring System (SMV), of the telecommunications system of Line 13 - Jade of Companhia Paulista de Trens Metropolitanos - CPTM.

Consórcio Comunicação METROFOR – 2016/2017

Executive project of the Road Monitoring System (SMV), of the telecommunications system of the Southern Line for Companhia Cearense de Transportes Metropolitanos - METROFOR.

Consórcio Comunicação METROFOR – 2015/2017

Management for the supply of projects, installation and assembly of equipment related to the telecommunications system, implemented on the Southern Line of the Metropolitan Region of Fortaleza, for Companhia Cearense de Transportes Metropolitanos - METROFOR.

Prefeitura Municipal de Dores do Indaiá, Minas Gerais – 2015

Elaboration and development of systems for conference methodology and digitization of the municipal medical record and its annual update using information and communication technology (ICT) resources, integrated to the process of administrative reorganization under the concept of digital city of the 2015-2021 master plan of the municipality.

Fundação de Apoio à Universidade de São Paulo – FUSP – 2015/2016

Preparation of studies and basic projects of electrical and hydraulic installations of bus stops, transfer stations and terminals of public transport corridors, BRT standard, for the Municipality of São José dos Campos / SP.

Niterói Transporte e Trânsito S.A. – 2014

Basic infrastructure and system design for Operational Control Center (OCC) and Area Traffic Control implementation.

Sistran Engenharia Ltda. – 2013/2015 

Development of basic project on information technology for the São Mateus Terminal and surrounding road system for São Paulo Transportes - SPTrans.

Maubertec Engenharia e Projetos Ltda. e Setepla Tecnometal Engenharia S.A. – 2013/2015

Basic project of electronic systems (sound and data transmission network), information technology and signalling for road systems for Eastern Region 1 of São Paulo Transportes - SPTrans.

Vetec Engenharia Ltda., Lenc Laboratório de Engenharia e Consultoria Ltda., Opus Oficina de Projetos Urbanos Ltda. e ECR Engenharia Ltda. – 2013/2015

Basic project of electrical installations, telecommunications, semaphoric, data transmission network and information technology for terminals and road systems of the Southern Region 1, for São Paulo Transporte - SPTrans.

PA Transport Consulting Ltda.

Economical-Financial Technical Feasibility Study and preparation of detailed budget for the basic project for implementation of the light rail project of the city of Goiânia, Goiás.

Florestas Inteligentes Agricultura e Silvicultura Ltda. – 2012/2013

Specialized technical engineering services in system development, implementation, operation, maintenance, training and technical support of the tree seedling monitoring system for the São Paulo Forest Garden, administered by the State government.