Flood-Fighting Facilities Control Center

  • Client: Prefeitura de São Bernardo do Campo
  • Local: São Bernardo do Campo/SP - Brazil
  • Date: 2020
  • Segment: City solutions

Project Details:

Executive Project of the Flood-Fighting Facilities Control and Monitoring Center

Structural works allow to correct or prevent problems arising from floods in urban areas, but for flood-fighting facilities to be even more effective, a control and monitoring system is needed. This was the objective of our project in the municipality of São Bernardo do Campo, with interventions in five major blocks: System Monitoring Center, fiber optic communication network, video monitoring, security control and automation.

With the System Monitoring Center, it will be possible to monitor the flood control facilities controlled by the municipality, in addition to automating the drainage process with remote monitoring of reservoir levels and equipment status, which will allow rapid activation of maintenance teams in case of malfunctions of installed devices and equipment. In addition, an on-site visual communication system will allow the monitoring of the operation by the neighborhood, integrating the participation of the affected community with the flood prevention system.