GeoArbor - Tree Monitoring System

  • Client: Developed for Florestana's use
  • Local: São Paulo - SP
  • Date: 2022
  • Segment: Environmental

Project Details:

Tree Monitoring System - GeoArbor

The main objective of GeoArbor is to perform a tree inventory, in which each tree receives a georeferenced identification, and may present information about the species, age, estimated value, in addition to health conditions of the tree individual and data on management actions to help in the conservation and maintenance of green areas. In addition to the benefits of urban afforestation, GeoArbor has technology that combines significant results for preservation, zeal and safety, which allows smarter management of the zeal of squares, parks and cities.

This system was developed by ANTON in Joint Venture with the companies Florestana Paisagismo Construções e Serviços and Imevo Tecnologia and begins to be applied in the control of conservation and maintenance of the areas served by Florestana.

Meet GeoArbor, a tree monitoring system that will be a great ally of cities: