Intelligent Seedling Tracking System

  • Client: Florestas Inteligentes Agricultura e Silvicultura Ltda.
  • Local: São Paulo - SP
  • Date: 2012 - 2013
  • Segment: Environment

Project Details:

Engineering can also bring solutions for monitoring of seedlings in parks or forests. An example of this is the Bosque da Amizade São Paulo-Tottori, created to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Tottori-Kenjin Cultural Association, with the planting of more than 330 native trees of the Atlantic Forest in the Forest Garden. So that the representatives of Tottori Province (Japan) could follow the seedlings of this forest and its development, we created a Seedling Monitoring System. 1,200 tree individuals were registered for monitoring through application software developed for tracking planting, issuing statistical and monitoring reports and with georeferenced location of each tree for traceability, through RFID TAGs. 60 species were monitored. In addition to the development and operation of the application software, we also worked in the maintenance and technical support of software modules and equipment such as data collectors and servers related to the system.