Regional Mobility Control Center

  • Client: Consórcio Intermunicipal Gde. ABC
  • Local: Grande ABC - São Paulo
  • Date: 2018
  • Segment: Mobility

Project Details:

Urban mobility is one of the main challenges of large urban centers, which goes beyond municipal boundaries and becomes a regional issue. With the implementation of the Regional Mobility Control Center, Grande ABC will be the first Public Consortium in the country to operationalize the traffic and mobility management of a set of municipalities, enabling the integration in physical, tariff and institutional terms of the entire transport network in the region, and should become an example for other Brazilian regions. For this, in addition to the executive project of the control center, we also carried out the project of Intelligent Transport Systems for about 50 km of corridors of regional interest to be monitored, with data transmission network and field equipment, important steps to make cities smarter in terms of urban mobility. In the future, this center may enable more ambitious integration with the Metropolitan Region of São Paulo.

Below, see the video of the presentation: